Removing grease and stains from your wall - House Cleaning Florence


Walls in the home are subject to a lot of dirt. They can get bad pretty quick if they're left alone but it can seem difficult to deal with. It's not, it just takes a little effort! House cleaning Florence has got few tips for you.


You will need: 

- Ladder

- Vacuum cleaner

- Mild detergent

- Soft cloth

- Water for rinsing

- Bucket

- Dry towel 


The basic Cleaning Process: 


1. Before you begin the house cleaning process, you may first want to line the floor with plastic sheets where you will be working in order to prevent water damage. 


2. When performing a house cleaning, you may want to use a vacuum brush attachment in order to remove loose dirt and cobwebs. Make sure that you don’t push the brush onto the wall surface as you might leave marks. 


3. During the house cleaning process you should test any cleaners on an inconspicuous area for colorfastness. 


4. For house cleaning you can simply apply detergent or cleaner to the wall with a cloth and rub it gently. 


5. After the house cleaning process you can work your way back through the room using your towel to dry the walls completely. 


Removing Crayon from walls: 


You will need:

  • Dull knife or scraper

  • Magic Eraser

-(if you do not have a Magic Eraser then you will need)

- Mild detergent 

- Water

- Soft cloth

- Dry Towel 


- At the start of the house cleaning process you will use the knife or scraper to remove the excess crayon from the walls. 

- Next, simply rub the magic eraser on your wall. The crayon will lift right up; if you don’t have one then move to the next step. 

- You will use a mild detergent in solution with water; work this onto the crayon stain/spot until it’s completely vanished. 

- In the end use a dry towel to wipe it. 


Removing Ink from Walls:


Things Needed: 

- Soft cloth

- Toothpaste 

- Hairspray


1. At the beginning of the house cleaning process you will need to spray the hairspray onto the stain while it is fresh. 

2. After that, you need to wipe it away with a clean cloth 

3. If the stain still isn’t gone then you can use toothpaste on it, rub the paste into the stain. 

4. Let it sit for approx 10 minutes and then wipe away it with a clean cloth.


Additional tips:

- When house cleaning large portions of the walls, you need to start from the top of the wall and work from side to side as you move down. 

- In order to prevent water coming down under your arm, you can cut the toe from an old sock and wear it on your arm when you are cleaning the walls, the water drips won’t go down your arms.

- Rubber gloves will protect your hands from excess moisture. 


For more wall cleaning tips and techniques call your local house cleaning Florence experts!