Cleaning between the stove and counter - House Cleaning Florence


Between the stove and counter is often overlooked during the house cleaning; however this is one of the messiest places in the kitchen and alomst never gets cleaned. There isn't an easy way to get a tool in there so the area is not always cleaned. This build up is not good and can lead to problems if left untreated long enough House Cleaning Florence have a few tips that will be of great help to you when it comes to cleaning this tiny space between the stove and the counter during the house cleaning.


1. Arrange for cover

When house cleaning, it is not necessary that you go for cleaning the space between the stove and the countertop, especially when you know there aren’t any spills that have happened. You have a variety of cover-ups that can be found in shops and online. This provides a cover between this tiny spaces and prevents from something spilling down this tiny space. You can always remove the cover once in a while and remove the crumbs or wash the spills and then attach it back on.   


2.Attack the crack

When house cleaning, if something ever fell down that crack it is a must that you clean it between that cracks or else it will rot and then welcome pests around your kitchen.


For confined spaces:

When house cleaning use the tip of a butter knife to scrape the crumbs. Make sure the blade is away from you. Insert the knife in the space between the stove and the worktop and gently scrape any residue in its direction. Then spray your do-it-yourself kitchen countertop cleaner on a paper towel or a very thin microfiber cloth. Clean the gap with a paper towel. If crumbs remain, repeat the steps.


3. Boldly Go Where Few Homeowners Dare to Venture

When house cleaning, when you go for deep cleaning of the kitchen you should choose to clean behind the stove. You have no idea what have and have not fallen down there which needs deep cleaning after a certain time period.


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