Cleaning neglected appliances - House Cleaning Florence


Despite the bes efforts, there always seem to be things that remain unlcean. The obvious appliances like the toaster and microwave get cleaned. But what about the places that people often neglect? House Cleaning Florence has pointed out such appliances so that you could give them a deep clean.

1. Dishwasher

When house cleaning we expect our dishwasher to make our dishes spotless, but we usually forget about giving the dishwasher a deep clean. It is one of the necessary things that is mostly overlooked by us. As dishwasher cleans our dishes, gunk and germs tend to get stored in the dishwasher. During house cleaning giving your dishwasher a deep clean is important to make it last for a long time and to make it keep on working properly.


2. Extractor fan

When house cleaning we usually forget to clean the kitchen extractor fan. This is the appliance that takes the most grease into itself and as all the kitchen gets stuck to the extractor fan over time and clogs it. During house cleaning you require that you remove the filter and take hot water in a bucket dip the filter in it mix baking soda and dish soap to the water then let it sit for about an hour. Use a brush to scrub the filter then wash it with warm water rinse out all the soapy water. Let it dry and place it back, this will make the extractor fan work better.


3. Remote control

When house cleaning, we never pay attention on the remote control and take it lightly that it doesn’t need cleaning. But the remote control has the most germs as all the family members touch it and if someone is feeling well those germs will also transfer to the remote control and could make you sick as well. So during house cleaning you should not overlook cleaning the remote control and clean it as many times as possible. Just use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe the remote or you can spray window cleaner onto the cloth and then wipe the remote with it. 


4. Keyboard

When house cleaning, we never pay attention on cleaning the keyboard as well, this the appliance that too is touched by everyone in the house as everyone has the work on the computer around the house. This appliance can transfer germs easily too and can make you feel sick very easily. So during house cleaning make sure you clean the keyboard as well. Use a damp cloth to clean the keyboard.


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