Cleaning rust from silverware - House Cleaning Florence


You may have noticed around the kitchen that some sufaces, even stainless steel, have a bit of rust on them. Seeing this around the house is unisightly and can be quite frustrating to remove. If you're having problems like this in your home then read on. Housing Cleaning Florence have a number of methods that you could apply to get rid of rust and involve all the material that are available in your kitchen.

1. Vinegar

When house cleaning, the most basic ingredient that is available for every cleaning job is the vinegar. It works equally well when it comes to removing rust from the metal as well. During house cleaning the rust from the metal items you will need a bowl, pour in vinegar in the bowl. It should be enough to submerge the items. Then scrub the metal items, this should remove all the rust. If you still find rust on the metal items then repeat the process metal items such as knives or spoons and place it in vinegar overnight. In the morning take a brush or metal sponge again. Once that is done then give it a wash with dish soap and water, let it get dry.


2.  Baking soda

When house cleaning the rust from the metal items, baking soda works equally well. But baking soda works well on items that are lightly covered in rust or are light. During house cleaning to remove the rust you are required to a thick paste of baking soda and water. Then spread it all over the metal items especially on the rust spots. Let it sit for about an hour or two. Use a wool sponge or a brush to scrub the metal items. Wash the items with water and let it dry thoroughly before placing it back.     


3.  Lemon and salt

When house cleaning the rust spots from the metal items, for this method you require salt and lemon. At first spread salt all over the rusted metal items then squeeze lemon juice over the salt and let it sit for about an hour or two. Then use the same cut lemon to scrub the metal items, this will most probably take away all the rust spots if not then use a metal wool or brush to scrub the marks. Once the marks are removed then wash it with water and dish soap, let it dry properly before placing the items back. 


4. Dish soap and potato

When house cleaning the rust spots from metal items, this method is best for items which does not have much detailing. For this you need to cut a potato and pour some dish soap onto the potato and use that to scrub the rust of the metal item. Once you see all the rust has been removed then wash it off with water and store it after drying it properly. 



For more tips or to get a cleaning, call your local House Cleaning Florence experts!