Cleaning your fridge and freezer - House Cleaning Florence


In your you find yourself cleaning a lot. That's natural due to its use in the home. But how often do you clean the fridge? It’s always begging for you to clean it up.


To start the house cleaning process, you can remove the any expired food: yogurt to spoiled fruits, cheese and several other items that are cluttering up your fridge.


This will give you more space for items or areas which you can utilize more. Here are few tips from House Cleaning Lake Florence which you can use to get the most out of that chilly little space.


1. First, before you start the house cleaning process make sure that you go through the manufacturer’s manual for cleaning and defrosting instructions.


2. Secondly, you should to turn off the thermostat and unplug from the power cord from its socket. You can place towels in your freezer as the freezer defrosts and the water will be soaked up by the towels; you can then squeeze them out in the plastic container, sink, or bucket.


Keep an eye on your food during the house cleaning process. Discard all of the food that smells and has passed the expiration date. If you aren't sure about something or the food doesn't have a label, simply throw it out when you are cleaning the freezer.


3. As part of the house cleaning process you can place the food you removed and intend to save in a cooler with some ice cubes or ice packs. Place the box in the coolest area you have. If it’s winter then you can place the box outside.


4. When house cleaning, you can prop the doors open if necessary and remove the baskets and shelves and soak them in the water and dish detergent solution; you should first wait for them to reach room temperature in order to avoid cracks.


5. Once the ice is melted start washing the inside of the freezer with water, a cloth, and dish detergent. Don’t forget to clean the seal of the refrigerator door as it contains build up of germs and bacteria. Also, if it’s not properly cleaned fridge door will not close and can spoil the food.


6. In the end of house cleaning process, make sure that you dry the inside of the freezer and clean and dry the removable shelves as well. Replace the plug in the power socket and turn the thermostat back on, wait for the unit to cool and replace the food.


For more kitchen cleaning tips call your local house cleaning Florence experts!