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Getting rid of ants - House Cleaning Florence


Ants can get into your home and cause quite a few problems. They spread germs and get all over the food in the kitchen. Left unchecked they can even begin to affect the structure of your house. The good news is that you can follow tips by house cleaning Florence to help out during during the house cleaning.


Understand the Ant Colony and it’s Queen:

During the house cleaning process, the first thing you need to do is analyse the problem. The ant queen is the one who lays the eggs but never leaves her nest. The workers of the ants are feeding the queen and they continue to reproduce more ants. You might spray it again and again but it just won’t stop any time soon.  


Watch the Trailing Ants:

When house cleaning, you need to notice and control where the ants are coming inside your house. Most of the times the ants are looking out for food, once the ant finds the food they will go back to the nest with a crumb, leaving a scent trail behind. Like this, the ant leaves behind a chemical path for its workers to follow to collect more food.    


Don’t Spray the Ants:

When house cleaning, the ants that you notice are the worker ants. Their job is to find the food and take it back to the queen and the young ants that are being groomed for the next generation of the worker ants. These worker ants are the ticket to your colony. If you spray it out you are going to face the army of workers but you won’t catch the queen.


Set out Ant bait:

During the house cleaning process instead of removing the worker ants you should use them as a bait to eliminate the queen. The workers will take the bait and go in the nest and eventually feed the queen and that’s how you can eliminate the queen.


Be patient:

When house cleaning, make sure to be patient as when the ants take your bait and go back to their nest it’s possible that it might take few days to eliminate the colony or even few more weeks to completely wipe out the colony as there are chances of more than one queen.


Know when to spray:

During the house cleaning process, if you notice that the ants have lead you to an outdoor, below ground nest then you must spray. Saturate the nest with approved insecticide spray can be very effective.


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