How to remove hard water stains - House Cleaning Florence


Do you have trouble seeing out of your clear shower screen now? Or have you noticed a build up on the walls? Perhaps you have hard water stains that need to be removed. If you see the hard water stains then it means that your are living in an area where the water is hard.


When you are house cleaning, the hard water stains and soap scum often left on the shower doors, dishes, or chrome fixtures and fittings are very tough to remove. Here are a few tips by House Cleaning Florence to make the laborious task of removing the hard water stains a bit more easy during the house cleaning.


Two Great Methods For hard water stains:


Oxalic Acid Products:

If, during your house cleaning, you want to remove the hard water spots, you can use a a product called Bar Keeper’s Friend as an inexpensive method to tackle the scale buildup. You need to make a paste of powder mixed with water and wipe it on the surface which you want to clean. Allow the paste to sit for a few minutes and after that rinse it with the water.


White Erasers:

When house cleaning, you can also use erasers like Outdoor Magic Pro that do an amazing job of taking care of the hard water stains. The pro version is better and it holds up better as compared with the small household cleaners.


Removing the Hard Stains:

If you happen to live in an area where you get hard water then you simply need to do daily house cleaning in order to keep the hard water stains from the build up.


- Daily Vinegar Spray:

After each time you shower you can spray a three part of water and 1 part of vinegar solution on the shower doors and the walls. Leave the solution to break the stubborn stains


- Lemon Juice and Vinegar 50/50 mix solution:

When house cleaning you can make a 50/50 mixture of lemon juice and vinegar and pour this in spray bottle. This is a natural method that will work well to clean your shower walls if you have to deal with hard water issues.


- Water & Spot-free Dish Agent:

Make a solution of water sprinkled with a small dose of Spot Free dish agent in a spray bottle. Spray this on the shower doors and walls and then use a squeegee after every shower.


- Wet Dryer Sheets:

The abrasive fibers in the dryer sheets will create a cleaning surface that will remove the hard water stains but it will not scratch the sink or tub. Try to save your old dryer sheets after each dryer batch, they'll work great!


What is the long term solution?

Though the methods discussed above work well for hard water stains, eventually they will return and require time and labour to eliminate again.


For more great tips, call your local house cleaning Florence experts!