Remove scuffs from your floor - House Cleaning Florence

Clean shiny floors are great, and large part of the house cleaning. However it is not always so easy to fix the scuffs and scrapes that can build up on your lovely floor over time. With some forethought and a little elbow grease, however, you can make it easy to keep your floor looking great! House Cleaning Florence has a few tips you can use to remove scuff marks from the floor during house cleaning.

Removing scuff marks from wooden floor

When house cleaning, the repair and removal of scuff marks from the wooden floors is one of the most difficult parts. As some wooden floors are too delicate that if you use something harsh on them, it will damage the surface. But it doesn't mean that we won’t be able to remove scuff marks of the wooden floors at all. There are a few different methods that can be used to remove scuff marks.

1. Tennis shoe

When house cleaning, to remove scuff marks of the wooden floors you can use a tennis shoe. It works as well as a professional would clean your floors. All you need to do is take a tennis shoe place your hand in the heel of the shoe and place it on the scuff mark. Apply some pressure and then give the sole a couple of twists. This will let the scuff mark out in no time.

2.  Tennis ball

When house cleaning, this method comes in very handy when removing the scuff marks of a wooden floor. All you need to do is take a tennis ball, cut an X on the tennis ball and then place it at the end of the broom. Once that is done then place is on the scuff mark and buff it by applying a little bit of pressure.

3.   Eraser

When house cleaning, an eraser can be used to remove scuff marks off the wooden floors. For this method use a clean new white or any light colored eraser. Erase the scuff marks with an eraser then swipe up the eraser shavings and use a dampened cloth to clean the marks afterwards and you will have a clean place in no time.

Scuff Marks on Tiles

Just like wooden floors scuff marks are also created on the tile floors as well, there are many methods that can be used to clean these scuff marks of the tile floors.

1.       Baking soda

When house cleaning, if you want to remove scuff marks of the tile floors make a paste of 2tbsp of baking soda and a few drops of water, apply it over the scuff marks and then use a microfiber cloth to scrub the marks. Once the marks are gone wipe with clean cloth.


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